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Uchiha Clan Techniques: A Complete Breakdown

Uchiha Clan Techniques

The Uchiha Clan is one of the most powerful and well-known clans in the Naruto universe. All the Uchiha Clan members have a special Dojutsu Eye called Sharingan and it is evolved into advanced versions like Mangekyo Sharingan, and Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Which gives them access to perform Genjutsu, enhanced visual abilities, and also the […]

Obito vs Naruto Who Would Win

Obito vs Naruto

The fight between Obito vs Naruto is one of the major answered and debated questions in the Naruto Anime community. Both Obito Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki are two of the most powerful shinobi in the Narutoverse. Fans have debated multiple times who would win in a fight between Obito vs Naruto for years. Even though […]

Naruto Story if Uchiha Clan Massacre Never Happened?

Uchiha Clan Massacre never happened

Uchiha Clan Massacre was a heartbreaking phase in the Naruto Series and it is surely one of the darkest Phases in Naruto. But what would be the story of Naruto if Uchiha Clan Massacre never happened? would it be better or worse? Definitely, there would be a huge change in the Naruto story and it […]

Uchiha Clan Massacre is it Really Unavoidable?

Uchiha Clan Massacre

Uchiha Clan Massacre was one of the Darkest Phases in Naruto which changed the entire story of Naruto. So many Uchiha Clan members were killed in just one night and there was nothing done by the Elders of the Leaf Village to stop it. If there are Uchiha Clan members alongside Leaf Village in the […]

How many Shinobi died in the 4th Great Ninja War

4th Great Ninja War

The 4th Great Ninja War is one of the major chapters in the Narutoverse that totally changed the story of Naruto. We got to see many character Powerups, emotional conversations, Backstories, Origin, Darkest truths, Final Goodbyes, and whatnot we got to know everything that happened before Naruto’s Generation in the 4th Great Ninja War. But […]

How did Itachi get out of the Reanimation Jutsu?

Reanimation Jutsu

Reanimation Jutsu is one of the most powerful and also dangerous jutsu in the Naruto Series. The Reanimation Jutsu literally changed the Naruto story in many ways some of them are it is the reason for Hiruzen Sarutobi Death, For the tough fight with Obito in the 4th Great Ninja war, Backstory of Itachi Uchiha […]

Why does Boruto have a Jougan Eye?

Boruto Jougan Eye

Visual Eyes are one of the very interesting things in Narutoverse. They play a key role in the story of several characters in the Naruto and Boruto series and their powers and abilities are also no less than their rank in the Narutoverse and one of them is Boruto Jougan Eye. It is a dominant […]

Will Kaguya Return to the Nartuoverse?

Kaguya Return

Kaguya Return to the Nartuoverse will it ever happen? Kaguya is the main antagonist in the Naruto story and she is the dominant character in the Naruto series. She is also the main reason for the existence of the Shinobi World. Kaguya is a very important character in the Naruto series but she was sealed […]

Otsutsuki God vs Zeno who would win in a Fight?

Otsutsuki God vs Zeno

Naruto and Dragon Ball are 2 of the most popular Anime in Anime history and both Anime have Huge fan Bases. And now recently Masashi Kishimoto introduced Domain of Gods to the Naruto Universe and now the Otsutsuki God vs Zeno became one of the recent high debates in the Anime Community. Both Otsutsuki God […]

Otsutsuki God Origin, Power, and Abilities Explained

Otsutsuki God

Otsutsuki’s are the main attraction of the Boruto series and now the whole Boruto Story is going around the powers and abilities of Otsutsuki. And recently Masashi Kishimoto blew every fan’s mind by introducing Otsutsuki God to the Boruto Story. But he didn’t give the full details about the Otsutsuki God or the God Domain […]