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Top 10 Strongest Genjutsu Techniques

Genjutsu techniques are one of the main Jutsu categories that changed the entire story of Naruto Anime. It is one of the 3 main jutsu categories along with Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, these are the main Jutsu categories in the Naruto anime which were used to create powerful Jutsu like Rashenshuriken from Ninjutsu, 8 Inner Gates […]

10 Most Powerful Otsutsuki Clan Jutsu in Narutoverse

Powerful Otsutsuki Clan Jutsu

Otsutsuki’s powers and abilities are on a whole new different level when even compared to Naruto’s power level and as of now they are the strongest characters in the Narutoverse and they have some powerful Otsutsuki Clan Jutsu which are no less to their rank. When the Jutsu of the Otsutsuki Clan compared to Naruto’s […]

15 Strongest Jutsu in Naruto with Biggest Flaws and Drawbacks

Strongest Jutsu in Naruto

Jutsu plays a major role in Naruto Anime and it is also one of the unique things in Naruto when compared with other Animes. And most of us know what are the Strongest Jutsu in Naruto, but there are certain Jutsu in Naruto even though they are one of the key Jutsu in Naruto they […]

10 Hardest Jutsu to learn in Naruto or Nearly Impossible to learn.

Hardest Jutsu to learn in Naruto

The most attractive thing about Naruto Anime and also that makes Naruto Anime stand unique from other Anime is the Jutsu used in Naruto. And how hard the shinobi in Naruto had struggled to learn that jutsu. But there are some jutsu that are the Hardest Jutsu to learn in Naruto. Or nearly impossible to […]

10 Most Powerful Dojutsu Users in Naruto

Dojutsu Users

The most powerful shinobi in Naruto are mostly the Dojutsu users. Dojutsu users are the shinobi who had the visual eyes( Sharingan, Baykugan, Rinnegan ). So we know how powerful they are and how they played the top most role in the Anime. But do you know 10 Shinobi who mastered their visual eyes and […]

Top 10 Strongest Dojutsu Techniques in Naruto

Strongest Dojutsu Techniques

In Naruto, most of the powerful techniques and jutsu come from the powerful eyes. Bakugan, Rinnegan,Sharingan are the most powerful Dojutsu in Naruto. Dojutsu is nothing but the abilities the user got from the powerful eyes they inherited. So there are many strongest Dojutsu techniques in Naruto. But what are the techniques that are the […]

Top 10 Most powerful Forbidden jutsu in Naruto

forbidden jutsu

There are so many forbidden jutsu in Naruto and every forbidden jutsu has its own unique abilities and powers. But what do you think are the strongest forbidden jutsu’s in Naruto. So we made a list of the top 10 most powerful forbidden jutsu in Naruto. If there are any new watchers of Naruto. The […]

Top 7 Powerful Jutsu of 5th Mizukage in Naruto anime

5th mizukage strongest jutsu

The Mei is the Fifth Mizukage of hidden mist village and she is not as powerful as other kages but she is not too weak also because we shouldn’t forget that she is the only person who can melt Susanoo and she easily cornered Sasuke and she almost defeated Sasuke if it wasn’t white Zetsu […]