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Vigilante Deku is here, No more Jokes in MHA

Vigilante Deku

After the complete fall down of the Pro Hero after the war with Shigarki and All For One. Fans are excited to know what brings next to the story of My Hero Academia and especially for the severely injured Deku A.K.A Izuku Midoriya. The next chapter of Deku gonna be Vigilante Deku but it gonna […]

How many Quirks does Deku Have?

Deku Quirks List

One For all Quirk is always a mystery Quirk to every fan because there wasn’t much information about it from the start of the My Hero Academia itself. But in the recent time of Anime and Manga, we got to know about One For All and who created it and the whole story behind it. […]

15 Worst Quirks in My Hero Academia that are not Useful in Fights

Worst Quirks in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia introduced to us a world where 80% of people have superpowers. Which contains Pro Heroes and Pro villains but everyone doesn’t have an equal amount of power some may have super useful Quirks and some may don’t. Like there will be people as powerful as Izuka Midioriya and weak people as Teruo […]

Why does Gigantomachia obey All for One and Shigaraki orders?

Why does Gigantomachia obey All for One

Gigantomachia was one of the newly introduced characters in My Hero Academia and also one of the strongest characters we have ever seen in MHA he was literally a monster and damn powerful. But who is Gigantomachia actually? and Why does Gigantomachia obey All for One & Shigarki orders? and if he is that powerful […]