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Boruto Time Skip is it finally Happening?

Boruto Time Skip

Boruto Time Skip is the most awaited Arc in the Boruto series, fans are very eager to enter into the story of Boruto Time Skip and the recent Chapters show many references to the Boruto Time Skip Arc. And the last few Chapters are damn intense and Kawaki trying to defeat Boruto and dessert Leaf […]

Vigilante Deku is here, No more Jokes in MHA

Vigilante Deku

After the complete fall down of the Pro Hero after the war with Shigarki and All For One. Fans are excited to know what brings next to the story of My Hero Academia and especially for the severely injured Deku A.K.A Izuku Midoriya. The next chapter of Deku gonna be Vigilante Deku but it gonna […]

Naruto December 17: What Happened?

We expected a lot on Naruto on December 17 with multiple theories and assumptions. But the Naruto Announcement is different from what we expected and there are some things that we never expected. So let’s look at those things and also figure out why couldn’t we see the popular theories like Naruto Reboot on Naruto […]

Will Naruto Reboot Ever Happen at least in this Decade?

Naruto Reboot 2022

Naruto Anime completed 20 years since its first release and Naruto’s 2oth Anniversary was celebrated on 3rd October 2022 in Japan. In the 20th Anniversary celebration, we got some awesome announcements. The writer of the Naruto Anime Masashi Kishimoto gave all Naruto fans a few surprises and he hinted Naruto Anime reboot in 2022. But […]