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Goku and Naruto are two well-known Anime characters who doesn’t need any introduction to the Anime World. Both are powerful characters in their own universes, recently there is a lot of debate around these character’s strengths and abilities because both characters have gained new Godly forms in their universes, Naruto has gained access to Baryon Mode and Goku finally mastered Ultra Instinct. But the question is Can Naruto beat Goku in Baryon Mode?

So, recently fans have been buzzing about a potential showdown between the 2 Popular Anime characters in their most powerful forms: Goku’s Ultra Instinct vs Naruto’s Baryon Mode. So the question is Can Naruto beat Goku in Baryon Mode? Let’s crack the answer and end the debate. So without any delay let us dive into it.

Naruto Baryon Mode

Naruto Baryon Mode is nothing but a combination of Kurama life energy and Nature Energy, and the fusion of those 2 makes Baryon Mode and it is the strongest form of Naruto. In Baryon Mode Naruto is just unbeatable he can dodge and counterattack, at an unimaginable speed which we noticed in the Naruto vs Isshiki Otsutsuki fight.

Naruto’s attacks are too good that even Sasuke couldn’t track them with his Sharingan, and even the likes of the Otsutsuki leader Ishikki Otsutsuki couldn’t stand against Naruto Baryon Mode. It’s all good but Can Naruto beat Goku in Baryon Mode? Let’s find out

Naruto Baryon Mode Abilities

Naruto Baryon Mode is very similar to Naruto Sage Mode but Baryon Mode is many times stronger than Naruto Sage Mode. Naruto Baryon Mode enhances Naruto’s abilities to several multiple times like Sage mode and also makes his sensory abilities level up.

But the main and important ability of Naruto Baryon mode is that it can reduce the opponent’s life span drastically every time Naruto lands a punch on the opponent. This made Isshiki Otsutsuki’s death possible, but does it work against Goku too? and Can Naruto beat Goku in Baryon Mode?

Ultra Instinct Goku

We are considering Ultra Instinct Goku for this fight because Naruto has his strongest form, So Goku should also have his strongest form so let’s make this fight has Naruto Baryon Mode vs Ultra Instinct Goku. We got to see Goku Mastering the Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power in the Goku vs Jiren fight. Goku was finally able to enter into the domain of Gods which even made Jiren to push his limits and we got to experience the ultimate fight between Goku vs Jiren.

Ultra Instinct Goku Abilities

In Dragon Ball Super, Ultra Instinct is an ultimate technique, Which allows the user (Goku) to move and react without thinking it’s like the user’s body as his one consciousness. In the Ultra Instinct form, Goku gets access to incredible speed, reflexes, and power making him invincible. More likely in Ultra Instinct Goku’s body moves on Instinct making his moves unpredictable.

The main ability of Goku Ultra Instinct is, It allows Goku to enter into a state, where he achieves an unparalleled level of focus. This heightened awareness enables him to accurately read and understand his opponent’s moves and vulnerabilities. As a result, Goku can anticipate his opponent’s next move and respond accordingly, Which makes him one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball Universe.

Naruto Baryon Mode vs Goku

Naruto Baryon Mode vs Goku

In a Naruto Baryon Mode vs Ultra Instinct Goku Fight, Goku wins the fight by a huge margin due to Goku’s unimaginable speed and power. Even Naruto Baryon Mode couldn’t defeat other forms of Goku because Naruto mode is weak when compared to other forms of Goku.

Even though Goku’s speed and Naruto Baryon’s mode speed may equally match in a 1v1 fight between Naruto and Goku. Also, they too may have equal power as long they are in their strongest forms. Naruto Baryon mode has some major weaknesses which makes it super weak compared to Goku Form.

Naruto Baryon Mode’s main goal and ability is to reduce the opponent’s life span because Isshiki Otsutsuki doesn’t have much life span and before fighting with Naruto he only have a life Span of Days. So the main goal of Naruto and Kurama is to reduce Isshiki’s life span and defeat him.

But Goku is different from Isshiki, Goku doesn’t have a short life span like him so Naruto’s Baryon mode is not really effective on Goku. Also, Naruto Baryon Mode has a very short amount of time which is one of its major weaknesses. So even if Naruto fights with Goku it wouldn’t be a long fight which makes Goku easily win against Naruto Baryon Mode.


Let’s sum up everything we know so far on Naruto beating Goku in Baryon Mode. In a 1v1 fight between Naruto Baryon Mode and Goku. Goku wins the fight with a huge margin because Naruto Baryon mode has some major weaknesses that makes it weaker than all Goku forms.

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