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Breakdown of Mrs. Marvel trailer and The hidden details in the trailer you missed.

The Mrs. Marvel trailer has been released by Marvel. But all the Marvel fans are very eagerly waiting for the trailer of thor love and thunder. So thor fans are very upset. But we hope that the thor love and thunder trailer will get released soon. Even the Mrs marvel trailer is also fantastic.

Marvel is introducing a new character through this series. The Mrs marvel role is played by Iman Vellani and she did a great job in acting. Even though it is her first time. This series gonna launch on June 8, 2022, on Disney+hotstar.

We can notice that marvel used a popular song in the trailer. The blinding lights by the weekend and we breakdown the trailer into 6 parts. You can easily get an idea of the story of the series. The plots of the series by the breakdown of 6 parts.

Kamala Kahan’s Normal life:-

We can see Kamala khan ( Mrs marvel ) at the start of the trailer and we can also see her notebook. She is drawing an ant-man vs man ant drawings on her book. So we can conclude that she is very bored in the class. We can also notice that she is having a driving test that day.

We can assume that kamal khan is always in her imaginary world and in the next scene Kamala khan is having therapy because while in class she is always in her imaginary world. So because of that, her grading has been very low. So she may be having therapy because of it.

Next Kamal Khan Meets her friends. Kamala khan beside his Bruno ( Male friend ) in comics Bruno knows that Kamala khana is Mrs marvel. He helps Kamala Khan in the comics by creating some gadgets. The girl next to Kamala Kahan is Nakia.

She is Kamala khan’s childhood friend and The one who is bullying Kamala Khan is Jomiler. We can see Jomiler has horns on her in the trailer. So we can assume that kamal khan hates her. On Kamala khan’s shirt. We can notice Captain marvel, Ant wasp, and Valkyrie. In the comics, Mrs marvel is a big fan of superheroes mainly for Captain marvel.

After that, Kamala Kahan is at a party. There we can notice that Kamala khan has a crush on Kamran. Next, we can notice kamal khan wearing a captain marvel suit and jumping from the window. And becoming prom queen and we can conclude that she lives in her imaginary world than in reality.

How did Kamala khan get her powers:-

Kamala khan’s mother is Muneeba khan and in this scene, we can notice that Kamala Kahan finds a bracelet and she gets the superhero powers but in comics, Kamala Khan doesn’t get powers by wearing a bracelet.

In comics, she gets her powers by touching Terrigen mist but actually, In Mrs marvel comics Kamala khan gets her powers because of aliens. Exactly 25000 years ago. Era aliens came to earth and made experiments on humans and they also try to give humans special powers but the powers didn’t activate.

But the generation still has the powers in their genes but at the present timeline. In the comics, kamal khan has the same genes. So because of the touching of Terrigen mist, her power gets activated and her powers are stretching, enlarging, and shrinking her body.

Why did ms marvel’s powers are different:-

In the ms marvel series, kamal khan gets her powers by wearing a bracelet. and the bracelet may be quantum related. But in the Mrs marvel comics also Kamala khan uses a bracelet but it is not her source of power. It is a memorable item of her grandmother but there is the main reason for changing the powers of kamal khan in the ms marvel series is because

The powers of kamal khan ( Mrs marvel ) are mostly the same as the Mr fantastic powers and marvel is shooting the fantastic four movie. So having the same powers for both of them wouldn’t be a great idea. So it may be the main reason for marvel to change the powers of ms marvel

Marvel wants to show elastic power in only Mr fantastic ( Ridi Richards ). And that is the’s other reason for changing of powers in the ms marvel series. Even though the way of kamal khan getting his powers has changed in the series.

Her actual powers have not been changed in the series. She has the same powers as in the comics but she uses cosmic energy to do them while in comics Kamala khan uses her own body.

We can see this in the trailer when Kamala khan uses cosmic energy to close the door and she also has the same enlarging and shrinking her body powers but she uses cosmic power to do them.

Other character powers:-

Another main breakout is Kamran’s ( Kamala Khan’s crush ) powers in the comics. Kamran also has the same genes as the Kamala khan in the comics and he also got his powers by touching the Terrigean mist. But in the Mrs marvel series, there isn’t any Terrigen mist or the genes.

So then how will be Kamran gets his powers, or will Kamran will be a human. we didn’t know about it yet but in comics Kamran also has powers and he gets it from Terrigen mist.

The Brother of Kamala khan is Amir khan and we can see that his brother has come to Kamala khan because of the noise of her powers in the trailer. Again amir khan has also had powers in the comics

But he gets it because of an accident. He gets the ability to catch shock waves and force fields in the comics and in the same scene, we can also see the father of Kamala khan Yusuf khan.

Ms marvel series villains:-

In the next scene, we can see her room is filled with captain marvel pictures and we can understand how big a Captain marvel fan Kamala Khan is. In the next scene, we can see that Kamala khan reveals her powers to Bruno ( Her friend ).

Next, we can see four people are standing in front of kamal khan in the fog but the four people’s identity is not revealed In the trailer and the four people may be the main villains in the series.

In the trailer, we can see an energy form in front of Kamal khan, and the same energy form is shown when kamal khan is wearing the bracelet and activating her powers or maybe the same bracelet is there with another person same has Kamala khan’s bracelet and they may be the villain too.

Other details in the trailer you missed:-

In the next shot, we can see a village, and we can see kamal khan hugging her mother and she hides her bracelet with her dress. So we can assume that she doesn’t reveal herself to the world and hides her identity just like other heroes.

Mrs marvel is fighting with a man in the trailer and that man is none other than Red Dagger he is a Pakistani superhero. He ( Red Dagger) will be not the villain in the series maybe there is a misunderstanding between them.

So they’re fighting each other and we can observe. The shop beside them is a Pakistan shop because there is the Urdu language written on it. So the fight may happen in Pakistan. Next, we can see Kamala khan is at a party with Bruno. and it may be a wedding party.

In the next scene, we can see that Kamala Khan attacks a person with her powers. These two are the same scene because she is wearing the same dress. And the background is also related to the party

Next scene kamal khan save’s a person from some people. But in the trailer, we couldn’t see. Who is kamal khan is saving but it may be Kamran ( Crush of Kamala khan ). We can also notice because of bullets her shield is breaking

At the trailer end, we can see kamal khan is sitting on a lamp. This scene is in Mrs marvel volume 3 number 5 comic cover pic.

So comment your thoughts about the trailer and if you find other hidden details in the trailer share with us in the comment section.

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