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Boruto Time Skip is the most awaited Arc in the Boruto series, fans are very eager to enter into the story of Boruto Time Skip and the recent Chapters show many references to the Boruto Time Skip Arc. And the last few Chapters are damn intense and Kawaki trying to defeat Boruto and dessert Leaf Village make fans can’t wait to enter Boruto Time Skip.

Lets absorb everything we can from the last 2 chapters 77 and 78 and try to solve all our questions on the Boruto Time Skip Arc. So without any delay let us dive into it.

Disclaimer:- This Article Contains Spoilers for Boruto Chapters 77 and 78

Boruto Time Skip: Chapter 78 is it Finally Here?

The Recent Boruto Manga Chapter 78 is finally released and we get to see some crazy stuff in the Chapter. Chapter 78 written by Masashi Kishimoto and Ukyo Kodachi finally reveals the closest References to the Boruto Time Skip.

Boruto Chapter 77-78

Boruto Time Skip
Image via: Viz Media

In Boruto Chapters 77 and 78 we have finally got answers to the most hyped Boruto questions and introductions to the Eida and Daemon’s powers, Eida’s love towards Kawaki, Code revenge on Kawaki and Naruto, and many more.

But the major topic in chapters 77 and 78 is all about Kawaki deciding to kill Otsutsuki’s in Narutoverse including Boruto to save Naruto and Hinata and Kawaki trapping Naruto and Hinata in another dimension using ishikki Dojutsu where time doesn’t flow and where they are safe.

In Boruto Chapter 78 we got to see how Boruto got the scar on his eye which was given by none other than Kawaki. Also, there are many references to the Boruto Time Skip which we’re all waiting for. So let us dig all into it and know everything we know so far.

Boruto Time Skip

The Time Skip of Boruto Series was shown in the 1st chapter of Boruto where we can see Adult Boruto and Kawaki have a death battle between them and we also see the Konoha ( leaf Village) is completely destroyed in the Time-Skip Era. And above all Kawaki in the death battle, talks with Boruto and typically mentions that Naruto was killed and the Shinobi world is finally over. So is Naruto really gonna die?

Will Naruto Die in Boruto?

Boruto Time Skip
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No, Naruto not gonna die in the Boruto series according to the recent Boruto chapter 78 thankfully Naruto was not killed and he was only transported to another dimension where time doesn’t flow using Ishikki Dojutsu. It all comes to the Time Skip where Kawaki mentions to Boruto that he will send him to the same place where Lord 7th ( Naruto ) has been sent in the deadly battle with Boruto.

Where we all thought Naruto was gonna die because the situation seems that Naruto was killed by Kawaki and Boruto was going to take revenge. But in Boruto Chapter 78 we get to see that Kawaki sent Naruto and Hinata to another dimension where time does not flow and also they don’t starve and where they will be safe.

This answers our question of whether will Naruto Gonna Die or not in Boruto which is no. But we still can’t be rest assured until the Time skip happens because there are still some questions about the Boruto and Kawaki fight in the Time Skip.

Those are Boruto knows about Naruto and Hinata where are they and moreover they’re safe in Boruto Chapter 78. So why did Time Skip Boruto angry with Kawaki and fights with Kawaki if he knows Naruto was not dead and knows he is also not gonna die? To get answers to these questions we should wait for the Boruto Time Skip so when is it happening?

When is the Boruto Time Skip?

Boruto Time Skip
Image via: Viz Media

Boruto Manga was never this close to the Time Skip. Finally, we know how Time-Skip Boruto got the Scar on his Eye and what gonna be the powers of Kawaki and Boruto at the End Game of the Boruto series. There are so many references to the time skip in the Boruto Chapter 78 so the question raises is the Boruto Time Skip here?

No, the Boruto Time Skip has still more time to happen but we are close to it. The Bortuo Chapter 78 is the start of establishing the story for Time Skip. We got to know why will Boruto and Kawaki’s fight will happen and all the things about the origin of the fight and the main story of Otsutsuki and the power of Boruto and Kawaki we got a glimpse of everything.

Then why Time Skip still takes time? It is because, in the Boruto Time Skip, we have seen Boruto and Kawaki becoming adults and they are using their full powers and abilities. Also, the leaf village is completely destroyed and many more hidden details like Shinobi world destroying Boruto’s powerup area yet to happen.

But in the present timeline of Boruto’s story, we are not even close to unlocking Boruto’s full potential or Boruto Jougan Powers. Even though in the present Boruto story, Kawaki was powerful and can use most of the techniques of Ishikki he still has a long way to go.

He still has to master all the Ishikki abilities and other techniques of Otstsuki. So we are still far away from the Time Skip but we are close to it. So when we can see the Boruto Time Skip reaching Manga? We don’t have an exact date for it but we assume that Boruto Time Skip can happen at the end of 2023 if there are no delays in Manga or we can see it in the first half of 2024.

Fan Assumptions on Boruto Time Skip

Most Fans expect the Boruto Time Skip to happen around the 2nd Quarter of 2023 which is around the month of April 2023 or the least to the October of this year 2023. But we think the Boruto time skip happens around the end of the year around November or December or in the first half of the next year 2024. Comment your assumptions on when will boruto time skip happen we would love to hear your thoughts.


How Old is Boruto in the Time Skip?

At the present time-line Boruto’s age is 12 so if we assume the Time-Skip is after 4 years then Boruto’s age will be 16. We don’t know how long will be the Time-Skip so we can’t get the exact age but mostly the Time Skip will be between 4 and 5 Years then Boruto’s Age will also be 16 or 17 Age.

How May Arcs are there in Boruto?

As of now there are a total of 5 Arcs in the Boruto Manga Series

  • Versus Momshiki Arc
  • Mujina Bandits Arc
  • Ao Arc
  • Kawaki Arc
  • Code Arc

The Next Arc mostly gonna be Time-Skip Arc but if writers want to explore and introduce more characters to Narutoverse then we may see other Arcs between Code Arc and Time Skip Arc

Who is the Villian in Boruto Time Skip?

The Villian in the Boruto Series gonna be Kawaki but he is not truly evil like Otsutsuki. Just like Madara and Obito in Naruto Shippuden Kawaki is also will be a Shadow Hero in the Boruto series. And moreover, Kawaki just wants to protect his loved ones who is Naruto and Hinata so he wants to destroy everything that may hurt them even if it is his close members like Boruto.

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