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BlackPanther: Wakanda Forever Trailer Breakdown

BlackPanther: Wakanda Forever trailer is released in the Comic-con 2022. And the trailer is one of the saddest trailers of Marvel. Let’s break down the trailer and find some easter eggs. that marvel hid in the trailer. So without any delay let’s dive into it.

Wakanda is in Great Sorrow:-


After the death of King T’Challa, Wakanda is in great sorrow. And this is shown at the starting of the Trailer. Where Nakia and Ramonda mourn. Marvel still didn’t mention in the trailer or Comic-Con 2022. The reason for T-Challa’s death in MCU. And the death of the T-Challa gonna be very complex. Because T-Challa is very powerful and immune to many diseases and the Wakanda technology is very Advance. They can cure almost every disease.

In addition, T-Challa has the power of the Black Panther Herb. Which gives T-Challa black panther power and makes him immune to most diseases. So it is very complex to kill T-Challa Character in MCU. But there are Rumors that Black panther gonna die because of Cancer.

Just like Chadwick Boseman the actor who played the Black Panther died while fighting with Cancer. So we have to wait for the movie to see what reason Marvel chose to kill Black Panther Character. And this scene if we observe closely the pyramid behind Nakia is a Mayan Pyramid. And we can assume that Black Panther 2 Movie is not entirely gonna take place in Wakanda itself.

Ramonda becomes Queen of Wakanda:-

After the death of T-Challa ( Black Panther ), There is no one to occupy the place of the king. To maintain peace, to maintain control over Wakanda, and maintain relations with World Nations. Ramonda ( Mother of T-Challa ) became the queen of Wakanda. But according to the scene, we can observe that Ramonda is not at all happy to be Queen of Wakanda.

And she is not interested to be the Queen of Wakanda. And we can also assume that Ramonda survived the Snap and took care of Wakanda. When Black Panther is one of the people who got snapped. So Ramonda already bleed one time for his son and took care of the country. And T’Challa returns in Avengers: End game and again he is dead because of Cancer and She gets bleeded by the death of his son again. Making her Mourn the death of his son for 2 times.

T’challa Funeral:-


We have shown the funeral of the Tchalla in many parts of the trailer. In this scene, we have shown the Ritual done when the king of Wakanda is dead. In Wakanda, the death of the king is celebrated as a festival. So the soul of the dead becomes peaceful.

In the next scene, we can observe the Black Panther helmet in the hands of the Shuri. And we can say there is going to be a huge funeral done for T’challa’s Death. We can also expect T’challa to meet other previous Black Panthers ( Previous Kings of Wakanda ) just like T’challa met his father.

When he is frozen to death and revived by the Black panther herb in Black Panther 1. And there is a place called Necropolis in the comics known as the Wakandian city of Dead just like the Asgardians Valhalla. And we can assume we can show this place too in this Movie.

Wakanda’s Throne Room is entirely changed after T’challa’s Death:-


After the death of the T’challa, the whole Throne room of Wakanda is changed. And we can observe the complete makeover of the Throne room in this scene. The images behind the Dora Milaje ( Guards for the king ) in the scene represent different tribes in the country from right to left in the image, The tribes are Border Tribe, The Golden Tribe, the Merchant tribe, and Jabari Tribe.

Not only these tribes there are other tribes too. But the other tribes are not shown in the scene. The other tribes are the River tribe, Kings Guard, Royal Family, and Dora Milaje. And this was confirmed by the set production designer Hannah Beachler. the columns in between give us a touching message to the fans that says ”Rest in Power, King T’Challa, Our Hero, It was an Honor, Rest in Power”

Introduction of Namor:-


In the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Movie Marvel gonna introduce us to a new character Namor. This Character is Played by Tenoch Huerta. We have already shown the birth of Namor in the Trailer of Black Panther 2. Namor’s character is very similar to Aquaman. But the Namor character was introduced in Comic in the year 1939 and the Aquaman is introduced in the year1941.

Namor’s father was a Mayan and his mother was an Atlantean princess. Namor is half Mayan and half Atlantean. Just like Aquaman and we have shown a Mayan pyramid at the starting of the trailer in the background of Nakia. So we may also see the Mayan culture in the Movie. And Namor is not actually a villain in the comics. Namor is sometimes a hero and sometimes a anti-hero. So we may also see Namor as an anti-hero in the Black Panther 2 movie.

Do Wakanda Exploring Ocean:-


In this scene, we have shown a big ship that is exploring the deep ocean. But we exactly don’t know who is exploring the deep sea. There are Rumors that the war between Wakandians and Atlanteans started because of Wakanda exploring the deep sea which is close to Atlantis.

Because After the Kill monger destroyed all the herbs in Wakanda. There are no herbs for the New Black Panther. So Wakanda was in search of the herb. And Wakanda detected a huge amount of Vibranium at the bottom of the sea due to the Radiation of Vibranium. The plants at the bottom of the ocean could be turned into the Black Panther Herb ( Heart shaped herb ). So they are exploring the deep sea.

In the next scene, we can see that Wakanda scientists are doomed by the Soldiers and they even forced one of them to open the door of a Facility. So there is a good chance for the rumor to be true. Or the deep sea exploration is done by other countries and could have blamed Wakanda for it.

Wakanda is in Danger:-


In the Trailer of Black panther 2. We were shown a scene where the Throne room of Wakanda is on fire and also ravaged by water. So we assume that Wakanda is in very serious danger and the country is getting destroyed.

It may be because of Atlanteans Or because of the death of the king of Wakanda there is no balance in power, and also other countries want to invade Wakanda for Vibranium. We have seen the same imbalance when T’challa’s father dead and every country tried to invade Wakanda. So maybe Wakanda is at great risk with one side invading international countries and on the other hand invasion of Atlanteans.

Iron Heart introduction:-


In the Black Panther 2 trailer, Marvel also introduced Dominique Throne as Riri William’s ( Iron Heart ). And a Iron heart series is coming up on disney+ Hotstar at the end of 2023. And Riri Williams is mostly going to replace Iron Man.

In comics, Riri Williams is a genius like Tony stark and who attended MIT at the age of 15. And she even reverse-engineered Tony stark Iron man armor. In the trailer, Riri Williams was seen to be a very good friend of Shuri. So the introduction of the Iron heart in the Movie going to be pretty epic.

Namor Sad Backstory:-


In the next scene, we got to see the Namor standing in front of a burning house. And in the house, maybe his parents may be there. And Namor has lost his parents in front of his eyes. Making Namor’s character one of the saddest Backstories in MCU. And this makes Namor hate land people or it may be that Namor was showcased that the Fire was kept by the Wakanda people.

And maybe that’s why Namor attacks Wakanda. We can observe that only Namor has human skin and other all Atlantians are in pale blue. So we can assume that being half human and half Atlantian makes Namor’s skin different from other Atlantians and his skin is similar to humans.

Return of M’baku:-


As we said Wakanda is in trouble because of the king’s death. And because of that other tribes are also affected by the death of the king. So the leader of the Jabari tribe M’baku is still alive so will he going to make moves to take over the throne of Wakanda? Or remain as an advisory to the Royal Family. We think that M’baku will still be a loyal advisor for the queen Ramonda and help Wakanda to overcome all the hardships.

Because of M’Baku in the Black Panther 1. Even though Ramonda came to M’baku and offered to become the King of Wakanda Because of the death of T’challa. He refused the offer and showed the frozen T’challa to Ramonda. And he even helped T’challa to defeat Kill Monger. So we don’t think he will make any moves to become King of Wakanda.

Ramonda meets World leaders:-


After T’challa opened the borders of Wakanda to the world in the BlackPanther 1. Other countries somehow know the existence of the Vibranium and without the powerful leader like T’challa. Wakanda is so weak. So the World Leaders may take this as an advantage and tries to get their hands on the Wakanda Vibranium.

And in the next scene, we have seen Ramonda and others lowering their mikes in the conference with world leaders. So we can assume that Wakanda is in a serious geopolitical crisis. And there is a dialogue said by Ramonda where she says that she lost all her family. So we can assume that Shuri is also in great trouble or kidnapped.

Tribute to T’challa:-


The next scene in the trailer gives tribute to T’challa and there was a grand ceremony held by the Wakanda people to send T’Challa to Afterlife. And the Wakanda people believe that Death is not the end. It is just a point where the physical form of T’challa is gone. But he still lives in their heart.

And the Wakanda words on the image of T’challa also refer to the same. It says “The King Lives and The Panther Forever in us”. Not only the T’challa character but Marvel gave a great tribute to Chadwick Boseman too. He played the Black panther role and died in 2020 because of cancer.

Atlanteans need Technology to Survive on land:-


In the next scene, we can see that 4 Atlanteans came to land. And they are using equipment known as Rebreathers to survive on land. So except for Namor no other Atlantean can breathe on land without the Rebreathers.

And the middle Atlantean woman is the cousin of Namor known as Namora. The Namora character is played by Mable Cadena. And in this scene beside Namora who is blurred is Attuma. He is a warlord in Atlantis and tries to defeat Namor and wants to become the king of Atlantis in the comics.

Return of Everett Ross:-


Everett Ross character is played by Martin Freeman. Everett Ross played a major role in Black Panther 1. He stops Wakanda’s Dangerous weapons shipping to other countries. But in Black Panther 2 that may not be the case. Because after the death of T’Challa as we said there is a huge geopolitical disturbance between Wakanda and other World countries. And other countries want to invade Wakanda for Vibranium. So Everett Ross superiors also wanted to get their hands on the Vibranium. So it is pretty tough to assume to which side Everett Ross will be.

Creation of Iron Heart Armor:-


We have already said Marvel introduced Dominique Throne as Riri William’s and there is a very good friendship between Shuri and Riri Williams. And in the next scene, we can see that Riri Williams is forging a Heart symbol. and this scene resembles the first Iron Man Movie.

Where Tony stark creates the first armor. So Riri Williams gonna create her first iron Armor in this Movie. And we have also seen that she created a Heart Symbol that resembles the title of the Iron Heart series. But being the first Iron man suit of Riri Williams it wouldn’t be like Tony’s first iron Man suit.

With the help of Shuri and the Vibranium of Wakanda, The Riri William suit will be very advanced. And seeing the hints given by marvel of Riri Williams in the trailer. We can say that Riri Williams gonna play a very significant role in the movie. And she may also help Wakanda in fighting with Atlantians with her Iron man Suit

Atlanteans vs Dora Milaje:-


At the end of the trailer, we have shown a scene where the Dora Milaje are jumped on Atlantians. We couldn’t exactly say this scene is from the war between Atlantean and Wakanda. But we can surely say that there was a fight between Dora Milaje and Atlanteans. And we can also assume that Dora Milaje found a way to tackle Atlanteans because in the scene it is like Dora Milaje are using a strategy to stop Atlanteans. Comment down below who would you think will win. If there is a fight between Dora Milaje and Atlanteans

Emerge of New Black Panther:-


The last scene in the Black Panther: Wakanda forever Trailer confirms. That a new black panther gonna emerge and the most chances the new black panther could be Shuri ( Sister of T’challa ). Shuri’s character is played by Letitia Wright.

Shuri is always helpful to his brother T’Challa and she even played a major role in defending Wakanda in Black Panther 1. And she is also a genius she created an advanced Black Panther suit. And even if we observe the suit in the scene. The suit wrist is very small and for any other characters like M’baku or Kill Monger, the wrist size is somewhat big when compared to the suit wrist in the trailer.

So only Shuri had that small wrist so we assume that she will be the next Black Panther. And in this scene in front of the black panther, Namor is present and it is like he is hurt. So we can say this scene is from the final battle between Namor and Black Panther.

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