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After revealing that there is going to be the introduction of Namor’s character in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Movie. Aquaman Vs Namor is one of the fights that are presently very keen to know by MCU and DC fans. Because Namor character and Aquaman’s character are very similar so both MCU and DC fans are very keen to know who wins in the fight Aquaman Vs Namor. And also some fans have doubts about the origin of Namor’s character. We have answered some of those questions too. So without any delay let us dive into it.

Who was first introduced Namor or Aquaman?

Namor’s character is very similar to Aquaman. But the Namor character was introduced in Comics in the year 1939 by Bill Everett and the Aquaman is introduced in the year 1941. Namor’s character was introduced 2 years before Aquaman’s character Namor’s father was a Mayan and his mother was an Atlantean princess. Namor is the first Mutant in Marvel and also Namor’s abilities & Aquaman’s abilities are also very similar.

Is Namor a Villian?

Namor’s character was sometimes an Anti-Hero or Hero and sometimes Villain. Namor is one of the most complicated characters in Marvel. But Namor’s character is also one of the Favorite characters for Marvel. Because Namor is one of the first superheroes in Marvel and also the first Mutant in Marvel. Namor is always tempered and does anything for his people. So he mostly ended up as Anti-Hero or sometimes Villian

Aquaman Vs Namor

The fight Aquaman vs Namor is not going to happen anywhere soon in MCU or in DC. But all the fans are very eager to know who wins. And also maybe not now but in the future of MC or DC, there definitely gonna be Crossovers between MCU and DC.

Because Marvel introduced us to Multiverse and anything is possible in Multiverse if it really happens. Then it probably going to break the internet. So the main question is who wins the match to know the outcome of the fight. We should look into some of the abilities of the two of them. So let’s know those abilities of Aquaman & Namor

Strength & Powers:-

Namor and Aquaman have very similar powers. But they are some powers in each of them that gives us who is stronger Aquaman Vs Namor. Aquaman has the power to control sea creatures using his telepathic abilities. And he is almost unbeatable under the Ocean. And Namor is also no less than Aquaman he also had very similar power to Aquaman’s telepathic abilities.

Namor can conjure the powers of sea animals. For example, he can get the power of a poisonous fish like Venomous Fish and attack Aquaman. Or he can get the abilities of an electric Ray. And use its electric ability to attack Aquaman which comes very handy in underwater fights. But this ability may not be that useful against Aquaman because He can control all the sea animals with his telepathic powers.

Aquaman is stronger if the fight is going under the Ocean. But if the Fight is happening between them on land. Then Namor has a very big advantage because Namor has an ability that Aquaman doesn’t it is Namor can fly but Aquaman doesn’t have any ability to fly. So he had a bigger advantage when it comes to fighting on land.

Healing ability:-

Namor has an advantage in this ability. Because of being a mutant Namor has a very fast healing ability. But it may not be as strong as the healing ability of other Marvel characters like Deadpool. But the healing factor of Namor is okay he can survive hits from Hulk and heal from it. So it is pretty good but Aquaman doesn’t have any healing abilities. But he can heal faster than Humans. But still, Namor’s healing ability is far better than Aquaman’s healing abilities.


In Durability Namor loses to Aquaman very easily. Because Namor has very low durability than Aquaman. And even sometimes normal humans also beat Namor in Comics. But on the other hand, Aquaman has a very high Durability that he can even withstand powerful punches from superman. So Namor loses to Aquaman in this ability


Aquaman has very significant achievements. Like Aquaman has even defeated Gods at some point in comics. Some of them are Aquaman killing a Karaqan God beast and Aquaman defeating Poseidon ( God of the sea ). And he had a very tough fight with Superman and also survived the powerful punches from Superman. And once Aquaman threw his Trident so hard that it caused a Volcanic eruption in the deep Ocean. He is also able to push an Oceanic trench 2.5 miles below the Oceanic surface.

But Namor when compared to Aquaman doesn’t have so many achievements because he was mostly an Anti- Hero in the comics but his achievements are also no less than Aquaman’s. And his best achievement is he made Thanos bleed with a single punch. He once had a very good fight with Thor and he even won in some fights.

And also he had fights with Hulk and also managed to win in some fights. He once Lifted a Utopia Island and he can throw his trident in split seconds. He even resisted Doctor Strange’s mind control. So both have more or less similar achievements in their Universes.

Weapons Wielding

Both Namor and Aquaman used different weapons in the Comic and they are skilled with most of the weapons. But their primary was always a Trident. Aquaman Trident is called Trident of Poseidon and Namor trident is called Trident of Neptune.

But Aquaman Trident is far more powerful than Namor trident. But even if Namor trident is as much powerful as the Aquaman Trident it is not useful. Because Namor usually prefers Hand-to-Hand combat than using any weapons. So if he had equal power of trident as Aquaman trident he mostly doesn’t use it. So in weapons wielding Aquaman wins

Who Wins Between Namor And Aquaman?

Aquaman wins the fight between Aquaman vs Namor. Because he has slightly greater abilities than Namor. And if the fight is happening in the deep Ocean then there won’t be a great chance for Namor to win in the battle of Aquaman Vs Namor. But if the fight is happening on the land. Then Namor has a greater chance of winning against Aquaman.

But mostly Aquaman wins the fight because he has slightly greater abilities than Nanomr. But we don’t know yet the real powers of Namor in MCU. We have compared the Comic powers of Namor. But we don’t know what gonna be powers of MCU Namor are.

There is a very good chance of a change in Namor’s powers in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Because Namor’s character is very similar to Aquaman so differentiate between Aquaman and Namor Marvel might change Namor’s character story or powers to differentiate between Namor and Aquaman. So if the powers of Namor gonna change then Namor might win in the fight Aquaman Vs Namor.

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