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The Doctors strange 2 movie introduced us to a new world Multiverse and also a new character America Chavez. And after seeing the movie we noticed that. She didn’t use her full powers and if there is anyone who didn’t see the movie go and watch it now. Also a huge spoiler alert for them. This list contains so many spoilers of the Movie.

So if we get into the topic Marvel also gave so many hints about her powers. They are very powerful and some are very unique. So we manage to find some of the hints Marvel gave and made a list of her powers and these are mostly gonna appear in the future upcoming projects of Marvel. Don’t forget to post your thoughts about the list in the comment section. So let’s dive into the powers of America Chavez.

Spoiler Alert for those who didn’t see Doctor Strange 2 Movie

8. Superhuman strength:-

This is one of the powers of America Chavez. That is hinted at by marvel in the movie. And in future movies, we can see the full potential of her using this power. In the movie, we can see her using this power in the fight with Wanda. She gave a powerful punch to Wanda. And took to another dimension. at the end of the movie.

But because of Wanda’s incredible power and she is super strong. She has not been affected severely. but the other villains in the MCU surely get damaged by her punch. She can have superhuman strength by the opening portal of another dimension and channelizing the power of the dimension into the enemy. She may not show this power now but in the future MCU movies, we can see her seeing this power.

7. Flight:-

This power is also the same as her Superhuman Strength of her. The flight power is not her power. It is the same as like strength of her. She can easily open portals of different dimensions. So she can channel that dimension energy and can achieve flying. Just like Wanda, she used chaos magic to fly.

So this is also one of the powers that Marvel hinted at in the movie. In the scene America Chavez. and Doctor Strange travel to different realities. She used different dimensions’ powers to push them to another dimension. But she did unknowingly. But once she masters her power she can easily achieve this ability.

6. Traveling Between Dimensions:-

Those who have seen the movie already know the abilities of America Chavez. And this is the main ability that Wanda is after. This ability makes America Chavez travel between different dimensions or realities. But in the movie Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.

she couldn’t use her powers in the movie. She can only activate her powers only when she is so scared or when she is at the edge of death. But everything is different after the motivation she got from Doctor Strange gave. So in future MCU movies, we can probably see her using her full potential in using this power

5. Mystic arts:-

America Chavez. didn’t have this power. But at the end of the movie, it was shown that she is learning mystic arts at Kamar Taj. And there will be help from Doctor Strange in teaching her Mystic Arts. But she said that it is very hard to learn and there is quite a possibility that. She quit learning Mystic Art.

Because she’s powers already are incredible. You can find them in the upcoming list. The main reason for adding this power is. Even though she is struggling to learn this power. Doctor Strange can help her. and we all know how bad is Strange. When he learns Mystic Art in doctor strange Movie. So if she somehow manages to master this ability she will be one of the most powerful characters in MCU.

4. Superhuman Speed:-

This is also one of the abilities. She gets it because of her main power. We can say this as additional abilities getting because of mastering her main power of her( Opening Portal to other Dimensions). So in the same way as we discussed in the other two ( Superhuman Strength, and Flight ). She channelizes other dimension powers and can have superhuman speed.

But she may not have as speed as our quicksilver. But she is faster than most of the characters of MCU. It is really weird to listen to the same thing so many times right. I am sorry for that. But she may not show this power in the Doctor Strange Movie. But in the upcoming projects of MCU. This power gonna be one of her main powers.

3. Immune to dream walking:-

This ability is known by everyone who has seen the movie. But if they are anyone who didn’t the movie Spoiler warning. Those who have seen the movie already know that there is no other America Chavez. in any dimension. She mentions that there is no one like here in any dimension. so the main thing we need to do dream walking is to need another person.

who is the same as the caster?. Like Wanda in our Earth-616 and Wanda in Earth-818. So there isn’t anyone like America Chavez. So she couldn’t get Dream Walked. And I know that the main thing we need is his Dark Hold and we know it is destroyed but there are strong rumors and also some hints in the movie showing.

That the dark hold is not destroyed example for that is Doctor strange Third eye and also Wanda is not dead. So she may again come after America Chavez’s power. So this is the main reason to add this power to our list.

2. Cosmic Awareness:-

This power is one of the important powers of America Chavez. It is not a confirmed ability of her. But they are rumors and also a huge possibility for this power of America Chavez. This power makes her know the problems or collisions occurring in other dimensions.

So after mastering her abilities. She probably gonna save other Dimensions. So this ability makes her know in which dimension the problem occurred. So she can easily go to that dimension and solve that issue with her powers. So this power gonna be one of her important powers. And we may see her using this power in future MCU movies or web series.

1. Time Travel:-

This power may not be in the future MCU movies and this is also not a power of hers. If we look a little deep into pf her powers. We know that there are so many realities and all are different from each other and have different times or different time periods of other realities. The Loki season watchers may have noticed this power. So America Chavez’s main ability is to travel between dimensions

As I said they are so many realities with different times & Pasts and futures of other same realities. So by going into the other reality which is ahead of the reality or behind the reality we want. she can time travel. Of course, the situations and the character may different. but the Time-Traveling is Time Traveling right. Post your thoughts about this power of America Chavez. in the comment section below.

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