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Boruto Karma seal is one of the strongest powers of Boruto just like Naruto has Kurama now Boruto has Momoshiki sealed in him. Moreover, the Boruto Karma and other Karma seal play a major key role in the Boruto series. The Boruto karma seal storyline can totally change the story of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. So having this much importance to it in the series and most of us don’t know only much about the Bortuo karma.

We too fall into the same category before doing the research on the Karma seals we are no different from most of the fans out there. But let us clear some questions on the Boruto Karma and know everything we know about the Karma seals in Narutoverse.

So let us know what is all about the Boruto Karma seal and we also answered some most Anticipated questions like Can Boruto defeat Naruto after Kurama’s death and Why is Naruto getting weaker in Boruto’s Anime? stuff like that So without any delay let’s dive into it.

What is Boruto Karma Seal:-

Kawaki karma seal

Only Otsutsuki can use and implant the Karma seal on anyone and make a person their vessel. Karma seal is just like the Naruto Eight Trigram seal or Four Symbol that was used to seal Kurama in Naruto. But the Karma seal is a little different from the Eight Trigram seal. Whenever an Otsutsuki implants Karma on a person and makes them their vessel then the powers, memory, and abilities of the Otsutsuki will get implanted in the person’s body.

Whenever the Otsutsuki dies he gets reincarnated in the body the Karma Seal is planted, A.K.A Vessel. Making the Otsutsuki immortal and invincible. And Otsutsuki can only implant Karma when they are near to death or in their final moments but Kawaki and Code are exceptions for this because they are experiments of Amado.

After the death of an Otsutsuki after a certain amount of time. The Otsutsuki reincarnates in their vessel to understand easily we can say Karma is like a backup that is made by the Otsutsuki on a person. When they die they can use their backup to revive themself without anyone’s help. And after getting reincarnated in a vessel the Karma on other vessels is simultaneously erased to avoid duplicates or clones of an Otsutsuki.

How does Brotuo Karma Seal work:-

Boruto Karma Seal

Karma is a type of power that Otsutsuki use to become immortal. They become immortal by implanting their karma on someone and make their body as their vessel and the Otsutsuki reincarnate in that body when they die. When they are dead in a fight or when they should be sacrificed to the divine tree for Chakra fruit they reincarnate in that Vessel and the Boruto Karma seal is no different to it.

Boruto Karma and all other Karma Seals work by completely rewriting the DNA of the vessel into the Otsutsuki DNA. And changing the Vessel’s memory, powers, and abilities & even changing their appearances. In simple words, the vessel’s consciousness, memories, appearance, and abilities are killed and the body of the Vessel ( Person ) is taken over by the Otsutsuki genetic code. And revive themselves in the vessel without anyone’s help.

How Did Boruto Get Karma:-

Kekuatan of Boruto
Image source:-Naruto Fandom

Boruto gets the Karma from Momoshiki Otsutsuki in episode 65. But the first time Boruto Karma is used in episode 187 of the Boruto anime and in Manga Boruto gets karma in chapter 10 But Boruto Karma is first used in Chapter 23.

Boruto gets the Karma seal when he helps Naruto and Sasuke in defeating Momoshiki. After a good fight between Boruto & Momoshiki. Boruto defeats Momoshiki and before Momoshiki turns into dust in his final moments, Momoshiki places a karma Mark on Boruto’s Right hand and thus Boruto Karma Seal is entered into the Narutoverse making Boruto a vessel to the Momoshiki.

Did Kawaki lose Isshiki Karma:-

kawaki karma seal
Image source:-comic book

Yes, Kawaki lost Isshiki Karma because after Isshiki reincarnated in Jigen’s body. The karma on Kawaki gets erased it is like a process or system that the Otsutsuki Clan has even Isshiki can’t change it because when an Otsutsuki is reincarnated in a vessel he prepared.

All other vessels having the Otsutsuki karma get erased. It is mainly to avoid duplicates or clones of the same Otsutsuki. They don’t want two Ishikki to get reincarnated and fight against one another it will be a total mess if it happens. So after getting reincarnated in Jigen’s body, the karma on Kawaki vanishes.

Did Kaguya give Naruto or Sasuke Karma Seal:-

Did Kaguya give Naruto or Sasuke Karma Seal
Image source:-Naruto fandom

No, Kaguya didn’t implant any Karma Seal on Naruto or Sasuke. But it’s not like she didn’t have the ability or Kekuatan ( Strength ) to implant Karma Seal on others. She did have the ability to place a Karma Seal on Sasuke & Naruto. But Kaguya didn’t want to place Karma Seal on others and also Kaguya didn’t actually die but she got sealed by Naruto and Sasuke in another dimension.

But Otsutsuki members only implant their Karma when they are on a deathbed or in their final moments. Kawaki and Code are exceptions from this because they are experiments of Amado. So this is the main reason why Kaguya didn’t place Karma Seal on Naruo and Sasuke. And there is still a chance for Kaguya to return. Comment down below who wants Kaguya to return to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime.

Karma Seal Powers:-

Boruto Karma Seal

Every Otsutsuki member has different powers and their vessels also inherit the same powers they have. So all Karma seal doesn’t have the same powers and abilities Boruto Karma seal has the abilities of Momoshiki. So Boruto will eventually can do what Momoshiki can do and his Kekuatan ( Strength ) will also increase because of Momoshiki’s abilities. He will gain the powers of Momoshiki Chakra absorption, Chakra amplification, and Baykugan abilities.

And even Kawaki once mentioned that he can do all kinds of stuff that Ishikki can do when he had the Karma Seal of Ishikki. So every Karma seal has different powers based on the Otsutsuki Kekuatan ( Strength ) implanted in them. Below are the Techniques & Abilities that are used by all the Otsutsuki in Boruto until now.

  • Flight
  • Chakra absorption
  • Chakra amplification
  • Enhanced Physical Abilities
  • Space-Time Ninjutsu
  • Daikokuten ( Ishikki Dojutsu Technique to shrink objects)
  • Sukunahikona ( Ishikki Dojutsu Technique to store objects in another dimension)
  • Ninjutsu absorption
  • Can use all types of Nature Chakra
  • Chakra Receivers
  • Energy Blast

Who is Kekuatan (Stronger) Naruto or Boruto after Kurama’s death:-

Kekuatan of Boruto
Image source:-Naruto Fandom

This is one of the most anticipated questions in the present Boruto series because after the loss of Kurama Naruto lost a huge resource of his energy. And he is not strong as he is before so the main question is who is stronger Naruto or Boruto after Kurama’s death and can Boruto Karma Seal is powerful than Naruto?

Naruto is still Kekuatan ( Stronger ) than Bortuo Karma Seal even if he uses his Borto Karma which has the Momoshiki Abilities he still can’t beat Naruto because even after Kurama’s death Naruto had powers and jutsu that still have a whole new level of power and Naruto also had a Huge battle experience than Boruto.

So even though Naruto didn’t have Kurama and even if Bortuo Karma Seal is used Naruto still beats Bortuo in a fight and Naruto is still Kekuatan ( Stronger ) than Boruto.

Is Naruto going to become weaker in Boruto?

Boruto Karma Seal

Yes, Naruto going to become weaker in Boruto. Even Naruto is still one of the strongest shinobi in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. And recently he had a major loss of his power ( Kurama death ) he still had some untapped Powers, Abilities, and Jutsu that no other shinobi can master.

But he gonna become weaker in the Boruto anime because the show is not about Naruto anymore. So Boruto Series writers are trying so hard to decrease Naruto’s powers and elevate Boruto Karma seal powers. So even though Naruto is still powerful in the present timeline of Anime. Now the Boruto anime writers gonna slowly decrease his power and make him weaker in the Boruto series and make Boruto Karma Seal and other Karma seals more powerful which is so frustrating.

Who can defeat Naruto in Future Boruto Anime?

Kekuatan of Boruto

In the present timeline of the Boruto Series, no character can beat Naruto in a fight. And even Boruto can’t defeat Naruto even if Boruto Karma Seal is used because as we all know that Naruto is still capable of destroying an entire village single-handedly.

But there gonna be some characters who can defeat Naruto in Future of the Boruto series because the writers are trying so hard to decrease Naruto powers and lift the powers of Boruto Karma seal. So let’s look into those characters who gonna defeat Naruto

  • Sasuke
  • Kashin Koji
  • Daemon
  • Eida
  • Kawaki
  • Boruto
  • Code


Well, let’s summarize everything we know so far. Boruto karma seal is similar to Naruto’s Seal the only difference is Boruto has Momoshiki in his body and Naruto has our favorite Kurama ( 9 Tails ). Similar to the different Tail beast seals in the Naruto series, the Karma seals also have different powers and abilities based on the power of the Otsutsuki, and the major question can Boruto defeat Naruto after Kurama’s death using the Boruto Kamra seal?

No, Boruto as of now can’t defeat Naruto even using Boruto Karma’s seal because Naruto is still Almighty and dominant in the Boruto series even after Kurama’s death. But it will be not long before Naruto becomes weak because the writers of the Boruto Series constantly reducing the power level of Naruto. So that the future generation can show their abilities and also the main Boruto Karma seal powers in the Boruto series.

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