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All 7 powerful Deku Quirks explained and a Deep Dive into Deku Quirks list

One For all Quirk is always a mystery Quirk to every fan because there wasn’t much information about it from the start of the Anime itself. But in the recent time of Anime and Manga, we got to know about One For All and who created it, and the whole story behind it. As far as we know, they are 7 quirks in One For all and Deku has the One For All Quirk that gives him access to those 7 Quirks. So what are the strongest Quirks in the Deku Quirks list?

If we want to know clearly about the Deku Quirks list or Quirks Deku had or 7 Deku Quirks. We should get to know what are the Quirks of the past users and what are the powers and abilities of those past 7 Quirks. Then we can easily crack which is the strongest Quirk of the Deku Quirks list. So without any delay let us deep dive into the list.

How many Quirks does Deku have?

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Deku has only 1 Quirk which is the One For All Quirk that was transferred to him by All Might. But the One For All Quirk contains 7 Quirks of the Past users of One for All. So technically Deku also had 7 Quirks, Deku was the 9th user of the One For All but due to All Might and Deku are born Quirkless One For all Quirk contains only 7 Quirks of past users.

Some of them are Float from the 7th user Nana Shimura, Smokescreen Quirk from the 6th user En, Black Whip from the 5th user Daigoro Banjo, Danger Sense from the 4th user Hikage Shinomori and so on. This Quirk One For All was created by Yoichi Shigaraki the founder of One For All and also the brother of the main antagonist of the Anime All For One. The past One for All Quirks are possessed by Deku too and let us get detailed info about the Deku Quirks list. So without any delay let us dive into the Deku Quirks list

7. Float

All 7 powerful Deku Quirks
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The Float Quirk is wielded by the 7th One For All user Nana Shimura A.K.A mentor of All Might. Float Quirk allows the user to levitate in the air and also gives the user complete control over his body and movements. Float Quik is a very simple Quirk when compared to other Quirk in My hero Academia. The Float Quirk only allows the user to float or levitate in the air and there is no any special ability other than levitation.

But Deku has easily surpassed Nana Shimura in using this Quirk and he even uses the Quirk better than the Actual wielder ( Nana Shimura) because of the experience with ALL Might Deku had he can use it with his other Quirks and can make quick and fast movements while levitating. Float is one of the mediumly powerful Quirk in the Deku Quirks list

6. Smokescreen

Deku Quirks list
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The Smokescreen Quirk is possessed by En of the 6th user of One For All. This Quirk is best for defense purposes in a fight and using this Quirk Deku can create a perfect and quick distraction from the enemy. But overusing this Quirk can push Deku into a danger zone because the Smokescreen is very similar to clouds or Ninja Smoke bombs it creates a thick cloud around Deku and makes it impossible to see the enemy through the smoke and the same goes for Deku as well. He couldn’t see the enemies from within the smoke and using it carelessly might put Deku at a disadvantage.

But for sudden blows or escape from the enemy, this Quirk comes in handy in a fight. Deku can use this Quirk and save or send injured people to some other place that is far away from the fight. So there won’t be any civilians gets affected by the fight, even though it is not much use in a fight with stronger opponents like Shigaraki. But combining the Smokescreen with other powerful Quirks of One For All can create an ultimate Attack style for Deku. Smokescreen Quirk is one of the best Defensive Quirks in the Deku Quirks list.

5. Black Whip

Deku Quirks list
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The Blackwhip Quirk is wielded by the 5th user of One For All Daigoro Banjo. Black whip Quirk is one of the most versatile Quirks in My Hero Academia. Black whip allows the user to create Tendrils using dark energy and they are a bunch of uses for using these Tendrils.

The Tendrils are more precisely extra limbs to Deku that he can use for various purposes in a fight. Using these Tendrils Deku can swing from one building to the other like Spiderman and use the Tendrils to capture enemies and he can use them to increase his movement speed. This Quirk puts Deku at a more advantage because of its long-distance use and ability to grab and capture enemies. Blackwhip is one of the best and most versatile Quirks in the Deku Quirks list

4. Danger Sense

Deku Quirks list
Image Credit:- Myheroacademiafandom

Danger Sense Quirk was possessed by the 4th One for All user Hikage Shinomori this is one of the useless Quirks in My hero Academia the only thing Hikage Shinomori used this Quirk in his entire life is to hide and remain unnoticed by the public to strengthen One For All power and this Quirk only works when there is a massive amount of negative emotions towards the user in the surroundings. And this Quirk doesn’t work on enemies like Himiko Toga who can change her physical look because

Toga was in some or other way in love with Midoriya ( Deku ) and even though her actions of showing love is to hurt him strangely it is still considered no threat to him because Toga doesn’t show any negative emotions towards Deku and because of it Danger sense cannot sense the danger.

While it may be quite useful in fights with enemies like Tomura Shgaraki but it is greatly useless with other enemies. As we saw Danger Sense Quirk didn’t sense Deku while he was fighting with his classmates or with Class 1-B because the classmates didn’t show any negative emotions towards Deku. This Quirk is the worst Quirk in Deku Quirks list

3. Fa Jin

Deku Quirks list
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Fa Jin Quirk is wielded by the 3rd One for All user. This Quirk is very similar to Bakugo Quirk Explosion Fa Jin gives access to the user to store Kinetic energy while they are moving and they can release the stored Kinetic energy all at once, and create a massive explosion or use it for small bursts for divergence from the enemy attacks and he can also use this Quirk to boost his speed to an extreme level.

The major advantage of this Quirk is that it doesn’t have any cool-down time. To activate Fa Jin all Deku need to do is wave his hand several times and he will be good to go and he can regulate the amount of kinetic energy to release. Which makes it one of the deadly Quirk in MHA. Fa Jin is one of the most powerful Quirk in the Deku Quirks list

2. Gearshift

Deku Quirks list
Image Credit:- CBR

Gearshift Quirk was wielded by the second user of the One For All. It is one of the interesting Quirks in My hero Academia this Quirk allows the user to change and control the speed of various objects through different stages A.k.A Gears

1. First Gear

2. Second Gear

3. Third Gear

4. Top Gear

Ultimately, by using this Quirk Midoriya can alter the speed of anything he touches, and also he can increase his speed of punches for a better force at the target and enhance his movement speed. But as interesting and powerful as this Quirk is, it is also a major drawback to it.

Gearshift Quirk should’ve been used as the last option in a fight because there is a 5-minute cooldown period to use this Quirk. This will be troublesome in a fight but the true extent of the Gearshift Quirk is not yet revealed it may contain a lot more capability to it and also some tricks to reduce the cooldown time of the Quirk and using a combo of Fa Jin and Gearshift can be a deadly attack on the enemy. Gearshift is the best attack Quirk in the Deku Quirks list

1. One For All

Deku Quirks list
Image Credit:- Myheroacademiafandom

At top of our list, we have the One for all Quirk it is the Quirk possessed by the 1st user of One For All Yoichi Shigaraki. Yoichi had a useless Quirk which is to transfer his Quirk to another person but his Quirk doesn’t contain any power or ability. He can only transfer his Quirk to others that don’t contain any power.

And knowing this Yoichi’s brother All For One transferred a Quirk to his brother which allows the user to store power in the user’s body combining these 2 Quirks ( Transfer Quirk and Power Storing in user body Quirk ) the One For All Quirk was created which became a major threat to All for one.

Yoichi transferred his Power storing Quirk and Transfer Quirk ( One For All ) to the Future generations in order to defeat his brother. And the next users of One For All combined their Quirk to the One For All using the Energy Storing Quirk and Transferred the Quirk to others using the Transfer Quirk and the cycle went on after passing on the Quirk of One For All to the Future Generations.

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