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wandavision is one of the best web series that marvel released on disney+hotstar in 2021 and fans loved this series. This series is about Wanda’s unleashing her true powers and this series is taken place after the Avengers: endgame and the Agatha character is the villain.

Agatha is the most powerful witch of all time and this character is played by Kathryn Hahn. All her powers are very unique and some of them are even the strongest powers in the MCU and so many watchers didn’t notice some of the powers of Agatha.

so we made sure in the post that every power she used In the wandavision series is mentioned in the post and don’t forget to post your thoughts about the post in the comments.

Mind manipulation:-

she has the power to manipulate others’ minds. We have seen this in wandavision when Agatha controls Wanda and shows her she’( Agathas) past. Wanda has also had this power she got this power from the infinity stone and we can see Wanda using this power on tony ( iron man ) in Avengers: Age of Ultron and she also used this on Agatha.


Agatha’s other power is telekinesis with telekinesis power, one can easily move anything with mind power and we have seen Agatha using this power a lot of times in Wandavisoin ( while throwing Wanda onto the walls ).


Transmutation is one of the powerful abilities that Agatha can use. This power changes a person”s appearance completely. Agatha uses this power when she meets Wanda in the series. So Wanda doesn’t be suspicious about her. She used this quite a few times in the series.

Energy absorption:-

This is the major and unique power of Agatha and this is also the strongest power in the entire series of wandavision. Only Agatha can use this power and she used this spell on Wanda and on the other witches in the past to get their powers.

This power grants Agatha to absorb other witches’ powers when they focus their power or attack her with their power. Agatha absorbs their power totally and she also absorbs their life energy and they die after she absorbs all of their power. This power is used only two times in the series.

Energy manipulation:-

Agatha also has the power of energy manipulation and so many watchers didn’t notice this power of Agatha. we can see Agatha using this power when she tied Wanda’s kid’s neck with energy threads. this power is unique and this is one of the strongest power that Agatha has and she didn’t use much in the series.


She is the oldest witch of all time. Agatha is too old and she is still alive because of this power longevity. we know that she is an ancient witch. so if you are wondering how did she live this long then here is the answer because of this power.


The teleportation power is one of the powers that Agatha used a lot In the series. she can easily teleport to any place she wants. she mostly used this spell to hide her identity  in the series  


Agatha is a master in spellcasting. She used different spells in the wandavision series and one of them is Agatha using on Wanda to block Wanda’s powers after revealing her true identity in episode 7 because of that spell we have seen Wanda couldn’t use her powers and the same spell is used in the ending of the series on Agatha.

Energy bolts:-

This is one of the common power. All the witches have and Agatha also uses this. we have seen this while Agatha fighting with Wanda at the end of the series.


This power is one of the strongest powers that Agatha has. This conjuration power gives the user to cast spells and grant some supernatural powers. This power is used many times in the series but one of the best scenes she used is at the last of the series .when she showed Wanda the book of spells ( Dark hold ) and tells her destiny.


Agatha can easily fly with her powers and we have seen this when Agatha fights with  Wanda this is one of the powers she had. This power is not unique and Wanda can also use this power and fly.

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