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My Name is chaithanya also known as JC and The Founder of WebyBeast.

I am a student but my passion lies in blogging. I am an Anime and Marvel lover but I especially fall in love with Naruto Anime. So the posts in the WebyBeast will be more detailed than on other sites. Because i am a very huge fan of both Naruto & Marvel. That’s why I know the feelings of other fans too. And you will definitely connect to the topic & I guarantee you that.

My goal is to share the latest and unnoticed information about Naruto and Marvel. And keep you up to date on the knowledge about Marvel and Naruto. I promise you that if you follow WebyBeast posts regularly. You won’t lose to your friends in discussions about these topics. And you easily beat them in the arguments about Naruto and Marvel.

Webybeast is started in 2022. Webybeast provides users with high-quality information about Naruto and Marvel. We post content every alternative day ( TUESDAY, THURSDAY & SATURDAY ). So don’t forget to check it out these days. And let us together build WebyBeast as one of the biggest fan sites of Naruto and Marvel. I have trust in you guys that you definitely help us in reaching the goal.

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