7 Avengers Who could Beat Superman in a Fight

Superman is the strongest character in DC. And our Avengers are the strongest in MCU. There were so many cross-overs between Marvel and DC in comics. So there is pretty much a possibility of superman fighting with MCU characters. And if really superman fights with MCU characters. Then the internet gonna crash for sure. because both Marvel and DC fans. Love to see the fight and also so many fans are already asking both Marvel and DC about the cross-overs by taking references from Comics. So if it really happens who can beat Superman.

Obviously, he is so powerful. So we also need some of the strongest and most powerful characters in MCU. So we made a list of 7 avengers. Who can currently beat Superman in a fight. So without any delay let’s dive into it.

7. Hulk:-

At first in our list, we have the strongest Avenger in MCU. Hulk may couldn’t defeat superman in other situations like in space or flight or laser powers. But in physical strength, he has a very good benefit. Because he killed the big and also incredible space aliens in The Avengers. And he even gave a headache to the Surtur. With his strength. Even thor can’t defeat Surtur. So hulk had a good chance of defeating Superman. When it comes to strength.

6. Ant-Man:-

Ant-man is one of the unique characters in MCU. And also he can shirk and travel to very small places. He can enter into a Superhuman Ear and become huge and thus blast superman’s head or he may keep a bomb in superman’s brain and blast it.  Because he even Shrinks to Atom size and can become huge up to a tall building. So ant-man can defeat him and he even gave very big trouble to Iron man in the civil war. By entering into his suit and malfunctioning it. So because of all these reasons. He is one of the avengers who can beat Superman in a fight.

5. Iron Man:-

Next, we have the Iron man. And he is a genius. He can easily defeat him by collecting kryptonite and combining the kryptonite with his weapons. Just like batman did in Batman vs Superman. Iron man is much more intelligent and also rich than batman and also tony had an advanced armor suit than batman.

Or he can create a separate armor suit to defeat superman. Just like Tony created veronica and Hulk buster to defeat hulk and with his new Nanotechnology suit he can even travel in space. So there gonna be an incredible fight between them. If it really exists. So he is one of the avengers who can beat Superman.

4. Doctor Strange:-

Next on our list, we have one of the greatest Mystic Art masters. Doctor strange can easily defeat superman by just transporting him into another dimension with his portals. Where there is no sun by making him weak and he can defeat him. Or he can use the mirror dimension and trap him there.

In the doctor strange 2. He even awakens the third eye. And we don’t know yet the full powers of the third eye. So he can obviously defeat the superman in a fight and he is the only one who defeated the Strongest villain in the whole MCU Dormammu. Even though he didn’t have the time stone now. He is still so powerful. And making him one of the avengers who can beat Superman.

3. Captain Marvel:-

Some may think she is not an avenger. But in Avengers: End game in the amazing fight with Thanos. All the people fighting with Thanos are considered Avengers. So Captain Marvel is not forgettable. She has the powers of the space stone.

She has superhuman abilities flight, superhuman strength, speed, and much more she stopped the Kree invasion on earth and she easily destroyed the ultimate battleship of Thanos in the Avengers: End game with one blow. and she can survive in space too so there are no big differences between superman and captain marvel. If there is a fight between them it is gonna become a big argument topic in both Marvel and Dc. and because of these reasons, she is one of the avengers who can beat Superman.

2. Thor:-

Next, we have our God of Thunder. And he surely can defeat superman. Superman is also pretty much considered as a god in DC and the other god who can defeat him is surely the God of Thunder. Thor can defeat superman with his ultimate weapon Storm Breaker. Even all the Infinity stone’s combined power couldn’t stop the Storm Breaker in Infinity war.

And without any weapon, He defeated Hulk who is the strongest character in MCU. And he even withstands the power of a full star in Infinity war and many more. And excluding all this the new Thor 4 Movie gonna realize very soon. And there was an incredible transformation of Thor from fat and lazy to fit and powerful. So we may see some powers upgrade to Thor. So he is one of the avengers who can beat Superman.

1. Scarlet Witch:-

At no 1 position in our list, we had the strongest avenger.  Wanda is the strongest character in marvel after becoming Scarlet Witch. She became invincible and even before becoming a Scarlet Witch she is so powerful. Because she is very close to killing Thanos in the End game and she even destroyed an infinity stone with just off his power

After becoming Scarlet Witch she can even change the reality and she even defeated the Illuminati like nothing in Doctor strange 2and also all the —- very easily. So we are pretty sure that she is the powerful Avenger who can beat Superman in a fight.

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