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Naruto has so many powerful weapons. And every weapon is one of a kind. But fans gave more importance to Jutsu than the weapons used by the Shinobi. And some of the weapons in Naruto are stronger than the powerful jutsu like Kirin, Rasenshuriken, and so on. But very little is known to Fans about weapons in Naruto.

So we made this list of strongest weapons in Naruto and they are some of the weapons you may not expect in that ranking in the list. We hope you like the list. And don’t forget to comment down your thoughts about the list in the comment section below. So without any delay let’s dive into it.

10. Sasuke Kusanagi:-

First, on our list, we have the main weapon of one of the main characters of the anime Sasuke. The sword’s name is Kusanagi and it didn’t actually have any powers or abilities. But it is known to cut through anything and the same type of sword was also had by Orochimaru. But the Kusanagi sword Sasuke had is very different from the Orochimaru’s sword.

It is longer than the Orochimaru sword. And Orochimaru didn’t use the sword as his main weapon. But Sasuke used his sword in many different ways in combat. Like he can improve his Lighting style with Kusanagi. He also improved his overall abilities by making the weapon to channel his chakra and focusing on an enemy and thus making this one of the strongest weapons in Naruto.

9. Third Kazekage Human Puppet:-

The 3RD Kazekage human puppet is the strongest puppet in the whole shinobi world. It is created by the greatest puppet master Sasori. And because of becoming a human puppet. The puppet has all the abilities that the 3RD Kazekage had.

This made Sasori get access to the Magnet release Kekkai Genkai and he also mixed the 3RD Kazekage human puppet weapons with very powerful poisons. And making this puppet the strongest and the most dangerous weapon in the shinobi world.

8. Kubikiribocho:-

This Blade is one of the weapons of the 7 Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. It is wielded by Zabuza. He is also known as the Demon of the mist. This Blade is used by many characters in Naruto. It is first used by Suigetsu after the death of Zabuza and later it was used by Kakashi and Killer bee. This Blade is also known as the Excetioners blade.

This Blade had some unique abilities in Naruto. It can repair itself when it’s broken by consuming the blood of the enemy. It is said that the sword absorbs the iron in the blood of the enemy and rebuilds or repairs itself and this blade become stronger and much more efficient by killing the people. And by this reason, it became one of the strongest weapons in Naruto.

7. Hiramekarei:-

This is also one of the Blades of the 7 Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. The first Wielderof this weapon is  Mangetsu Hozuki. He is from the hidden mist village. And he is also one of the seven ninja swordsmen. But in Naruto, the weapon is mostly used by the Chojuro. He took the Hiramekarei Blade after his death.

And Chojuro used this weapon as his main fighting style. This weapon absorbs the chakra of the user and turns into any weapon shape has the user likes. And thus making it into our list of one of the strongest weapons in Naruto.

6. Gunbai Uchiwa:-

The Gunbai Uchiwa is used as the main weapon by the Madara Uchiha. This is one of the strongest weapons that the Uchiha clan had. This weapon is used mainly for defensive purposes in combat. This weapon reflects any chakra that was used by the opponent. We have seen that even the Naruto-tailed beast bomb is reflected back by this weapon

This weapon is also known as the Uchiha fan. This weapon is turned into Wind Nature style. When it is used for defense and reflects the chakra or jutsu back to the enemy. And this weapon is mostly used by Madara in his prime time and it is passed down to the future generations of the Uchiha clan. In the fourth great ninja war, Obito uses this weapon against Naruto.

5. Chakra Rods:-

This weapon doesn’t need much introduction. This is one of the weapons that is mostly used by the Strongest villains in Naruto. And the chakra rods are very famous for blocking the enemy chakra. These chakra rods are very special weapons because they cannot be created by anyone in Naruto.

Except those who had the Rinnegan and had the Sage of Six paths Chakra. These chakra rods are only used by very few shinobi in the Anime. These chakra rods were first introduced to fans by Pain. And These chakra rods are used to make the opponent not movable. By stabbing the rods in the opponent’s body and disrupting the flow of chakra in their body. So it is obviously one of the strongest weapons in Naruto.

4. Yata Mirror:-

Next on our list, we have one of the strongest weapons in the arsenal of Itachi Uchiha. The Yata mirror is one of a kind. It defends against any attack thrown by the opponent and it is very powerful that it even stopped the Kirin. Which is known as the 2nd powerful jutsu of Sasuke.

Yata Mirror is one of the weapons that Orochimaru searched for a long time, But he couldn’t find it. But the legendary weapon was merged with Itachi Susanoo. And this is the perfect defensive weapon for any combat. And all of these reasons make it one of the strongest weapons in naruto.

3. Totsuka Blade:-

The Next weapon is also one of the weapons of Itachi Susanoo. The Totsuka Blade is known as the strongest and most dangerous weapon in the whole Uchiha clan, And even Madara the Ghost of the Uchiha didn’t have access to this weapon. And this blade seals anybody that comes into contact with the blade and it traps the person in a world of Genjutsu forever.

Itachi used this on Orochimaru and sealed him. And in the whole Naruto anime, we can see the two strongest weapons of Itachi only once. And other than Itachi no other shinobi or Uchiha has access to this weapon. So it is obviously one of the strongest weapons in Naruto. and the white Zetsu mentioned that these two weapons ( Yata Mirror & Totsuka Blade ) make Itachi invincible.

2. Weapons of the Sage of Six Paths:-

Next, we had the weapons of the Hagoromo Otsutsuki ( Sage of Six paths ). And these weapons are known as the dangerous weapons in Naruto. it is not only dangerous for the enemy but also for the user. Because the weapons of the sage of six paths take a huge amount of chakra to use. And it can even kill the user by Draining the Entire chakra in their body and this is weapons are very powerful.

By using these weapons we can seal anyone by just saying the name of the shinobi who we want to seal and make them respond. And they instantly get sealed. But the weapons are not used at their full potential other than the Sage of Six paths and making it one of the Strongest weapons in Naruto.

1. Nunoboko Sword:-

In 1st place, we had the Nunoboko Sword. This weapon is also known as the Divine sword. And this is also one of the weapons of Sage of Six paths. Hagoromo Otsutsuki mainly used these deadliest weapons to defeat his mother Kaguya Otsutsuki. She is also known as the creator of chakra. And this weapon is so strong that if the user wanted to destroy the world he can easily destroy it by using this weapon

And also this weapon is also capable of shaping the entire world. This weapon is created by using the Truthseeker orbs. Other than Hagoromo no one used this weapon to its full potential. And we only saw this weapon once in the whole naruto anime. That too for a very short period. This weapon is used by Obito after Hagoromo in the Fourth great ninja war against Naruto. And all these all make the Nunoboko Sword the strongest weapon in the whole Naruto Anime.

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