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10 Most powerful Female characters in Naruto

Naruto is one of the greatest anime of all time and we all know how much we love the naruto series The male and female characters are given the same amount of Importance in naruto. but there wasn’t much about the female character’s powers and abilities of naruto on the internet.

So we made this post considering the powers of female characters abilities and we ranked them according to the power they used in naruto but any character is not weak in naruto because every character has a great story in naruto that’s the main reason

We all love Naruto so much and the writer of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto gave equal importance to all characters in naruto. so there is no offensive character in the list below.

10.Karin :-

The first female character on our list is Karin. She is one of the strongest subordinates of Orochimaru and she is also one of the most powerful female characters in naruto because she can easily heal people by biting her. Some of the naruto fans didn’t notice that Karin is an Uzumaki clan member and

That’s why she can use the hidden Uzumaki clan’s jutsu in the fourth great ninja war same as the Kushina used to save the hidden leaf village when Kurama ( Nine tails ) attacked the village and she is also very good at sensing enemies. She can easily sense enemies at a long distance.

9.Ino :-

Next on our list is Ino. She will be the first one we remember for communicating with others in naruto and she is also so good at mind transfer techniques. She’s mind transfer technique gave a huge impact on the fourth great ninja war. She is also a medical ninja and student of Tsunade ( fifth Hokage of the leaf ) and she is the only one capable of transferring information to every shinobi in the fourth great ninja war after the destruction of the main brain ( supportive team of the war ) of the war.

8.Temari :-

The Temari is the jonin of the hidden sand village and also sister for the Kazekage ( Gaara) she is the strongest wind style user after naruto and she easily defeated tenten with just one move and she also defeated the sound village shinobi easily. When Shikamaru couldn’t fight with them. So it’s obvious to have her on our list

7.Tsunade :-

Tsunade is the  Fifth Hokage of the hidden leaf and she is also one of the legendary Sannin in the hidden leaf village she is the best medical ninja in the shinobi world and she is the first and also the only person to make a crack on the Susanoo.

Her creation rebirth ( 1000 healings ) jutsu is a very powerful jutsu and she is also the strongest shinobi in the shinobi world she played a huge role in battling against Madara Uchiha and we noticed how powerful she is in the fourth great ninja war and she is the strongest female character when compared with the others female characters in our list.

6.Sakura :-

How can’t we not include sakura in our list even though most naruto fans hate her. She has some powerful Jutsu in the naruto series and she even surpassed Tsunade her teacher. She can use every jutsu that Tsunade is capable of some of them are 1000 healings jutsu and Tsunade’s monster strength and she also helped naruto and

Sasuke In the battle against ten tails Obito. She played a huge role in the fourth great ninja war by wounding other shinobi or healing the most hurt people in the war. She also helped Sasuke to escape from another dimension so she is not that weak.

5.Hinata :-

There should be a Hyuga clan member on our list and when we think of female huge members we couldn’t think of either than Hinata. She is the strongest female Hyuga clan member in the naruto series.

She is also the best when compared with all other Hyuga members. We have also seen In naruto the last move how powerful she is and she is the only one who is beside naruto  at his worst times if it wasn’t for Hinata’s encouragement in the fourth great ninja war naruto would have joined Obito’s side

4.Mei :-

The Mei is the Fifth Mizukage of hidden mist village. We shouldn’t forget that she is the only person who can melt Susanoo and she easily cornered Sasuke and she almost defeated Sasuke if it wasn’t white Zetsu help Sasuke in the Five Kage summit and she also used some powerful Jutsu’s in the fourth great ninja war and she played a major role in the battle against Madara Uchiha and she is one of the few shinobi that has two Kekkei Genkai and if you want to know more about the fifth Mizukage check this post.

3.Kushina :-

How can we forget the mother of naruto In our list. She has shown very unique Uzumaki skills and jutsu’s in the battle against nine tails and she is also the second Jinchuriki of nine tails. She is one of the strongest Uzumaki clan members and she is so strong that even after the extraction of nine tails she can perform the hidden Uzumaki clan jutsu and created a barrier to save the hidden village. So it will be a meaningless list of the strongest female characters in naruto if we didn’t add her to our list

2.Konan :-

How couldn’t we add Konan to our list. Konan is one of the main members of Akatsuki and she is also a student of Jiraiya. She has showcased so many powerful jutsu in the naruto series and she is also a very good friend of Nagato. She is the only female shinobi who can perform great ninjutsu with origami and she almost defeated Obito if the Obito didn’t use Izanagi and changed the reality.

1.Kaguya :-

This list will be meaningless if we didn’t add the strongest Otsutsuki Kaguya to our list. Kaguya is one of the strongest characters in Naruto and she is also the strongest when compared to naruto and Sasuke even naruto cant beat her in a 1v1 battle and even when compared with the all strongest characters in naruto she is at the top. If you didn’t check the top 10strongest character in naruto list. Then why delay check it out now.

If we get into the topic she is so strong that even Hagoromo Otsutsuki the sage of six paths can’t even defeat her in the battle and he took his brother’s help to just seal her and we can understand how strong she was and that’s why she is the top 1 in our list

Did you like the post and if you think there is any mistake or not mentioned any of the characters’ powers or abilities feel free to mention them in the comments section below. We check the comments and make sure to add them to the post.

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