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In the recent movies of Marvel. We lost so many of our favorite heroes of MCU. And some of them are very Heart Breaking. But what if I say they’re some of the MCU characters. Who probably won’t die based on their powers. Yeah, there are some of the immortal characters in MCU. So we have picked those characters and made this list of 10 MCU characters who can’t die and also nearly impossible to kill them

But if Marvel introduced characters like Galactus, Beyonder, or other powerful villains from comics to the MCU. then it definitely becomes an arguable situation for these characters. But we hope Marvel doesn’t do such types of entries in the present MCU. So let us know the Immortal characters in MCU without any delay let’s dive into it.

10. Moon Knight:-

moon knight is the latest web series from marvel and fans loved the series. And they are so many powers, personalities, and backstories in the series. And we also found one of our characters on our list. Moon Knight surely was an immortal. Because even though he is dead or very badly injured.

Khonshu( Egyptian Moon-god ) heals him. In the Moon knight series, we have shown Marc Spector( Moon Knight ) was very badly injured and he is in the last breath of his life. And Suddenly Khonshu heals him and makes Marc Spector his servant. So he was surely one of our members in our list of MCU Characters Who can’t Die.

9. Groot:-

Next on our list, we had Groot. He is one of the funniest characters in the MCU. And his language is the most funniest. I AM GROOT and most of the fans already knew that he can’t die nor cant be defeated easily. Because if we recall the moments in the guardians of the galaxy.

Groot sacrificed himself to save his friends from the Explosion. But after that Rocket took a small branch of Groot and planted him in a pot. And we got our teen Groot who finished Storm Breaker. So even if he dies he can again enter into the MCU universe with his branches. So he is one of the MCU characters who can’t die.

8. Thor:-

Thor surely had more life span than any other human. Loki said that Asgardian Gods live up to 5000 years. But Thor was not been added to the list because he lives longer than humans. But he was actually immortal because we saw Odin( Father of Thor ) was much older. Even though we don’t know his exact age. He is really old for the look itself. and if Loki didn’t outsmart Odin and tricked him.

Odin would have lived for much longer. But, that’s not the main reason for Odin’s death. So odin would have lived much longer than 5000 years. So thor may also live like Odin or for much more longer than it. In the upcoming Thor movie for Thor love and thunder. There are rumors that we can see power upgrades to Thor. So maybe thor may become immortal after the upgrades. Until someone like Doramamu or Beyonder comes to kill him.

7. Doctor Strange:-

The greatest magician Doctor Strange is the next immortal on our list. After mastering mystic art from Kamar Taj. Doctor strange became the strongest Mystic Arts user after the Ancient one. And in the Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. We got to see at the post-credits of the movie. Strange got the third eye because of using dark hold and because of using the dark hold book his lifetime increased a lot.

Other than this Strange can live for a very long time just like the Ancient one. Because she lived for a very long time and protected earth from Dormammu. So in order to live long, she absorbed some Dark magic from the Dark dimension. So Strange can also live just like the Ancient one. By using Dark Magic and he can access with the third eye too.

6. Captain Marvel:-

After getting powers from the Light Speed Engine ( Space stone ) Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel. And because of getting powers from the Light Speed Engine. Captain Marvel’s aging is slowed. Nick Fury ( Director of Shield ) and Captain Marvel’s age is very similar before Carol Danvers gets powers.

So if we compare Nick Fury and Captain marvel. In the Movies, Nick fury looks old and Captain marvel is the same as in the first Captain Marvel Movie. It’s because Space stone energy made Captain Marvel’s aging drastically slowed or even paused her Age. So she can live for so many years and if our assumptions are right she will be a immortal. And making her one of our members on our list.

5. Vision:-

Vision is the strongest Robot in the MCU. But because of the incidents in infinity war, he was dead. But is he really dead? No, because in the Wanda Vision series we have shown that S.W.O.R.D ( Replacement of S.H.E.L.D ) is trying to bring vision back to life. and they even succeed in doing it. And because of it, we got to see a White vision in the series.

So vision is a machine that can’t die. Even though his body is destroyed his memories and other information about him can be stored somewhere and can bring him back to life. Just like S.W.O.R.D did in wandavision. Or Wanda can create another reality where vision is still alive. This time without any Flaws So vision really can’t die. and making him one of the members of our list of MCU characters who can’t die.

4. Nebula:-

So many fans may not expect Nebula in our list. But she is one of the most underrated characters in MCU. After getting replaced all her body parts into machine parts by Thanos. She became a Robot just like vision and so she also cannot be dead. If we recall the incidents of the Avenger’s Infinity War.

Nebula survived without food and water for many days where as tony was in his last moments. It is because Nebula became a robot and she can survive without food and water for a very long time. So unlike other MCU characters, Nebula won’t die that easily. Until some strongest characters are assigned to kill her. So she is one of the MCU characters who can’t die.

3. Dormammu:-

Dormammu is the king of the Dark dimension and we would have not talked about this all characters in our list if Doctor Strange did not save us from him. Dormammu would have observed our universe into the Dark Dimension too and may have spread his Dark Magic throughout other universes.

Dormammu is the Strongest villain in the MCU. And also he is immortal. Because he is the source of the dark magic and if Ancient One lived so many years for just observing some Dark Energy. Then the owner of the Dark Magic lives forever.

2. Hulk:-

Next on the list, we had one of the Strongest Avengers. And Hulk is also one of the MCU characters who can’t die. The main reason is because of his healing abilities. The healing abilities of the hulk are similar to the Wolverine’s healing abilities. Bruce Banner once mentioned this ability of Hulk in The Avenger’s movie. Bruce banner said that he tried to kill him and fired a bullet in his mouth but Hulk spit it out.

Also in the Thor Ragnarok banner jumped from the spaceship and it is too high from Bifrost jumping from it banner looked like he fractured his neck and other body parts. But he quickly recovered and fights with the big Fox of Hela. And there is a recent Marvel comic book released called immortal hulk. In the comic, it was said hulk was Immortal. So Hulk is undoubtedly one of the MCU characters who can’t die.

1. Scarlet Witch:-

Scarlet witch is one of the strongest characters in MCU and also the strongest Avenger. But does she really can’t die?. Well yeah if you have seen the Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness you may consider her dead but she is not really. Yeah, Scarlet witch is still alive. So if we get into the current topic of ours. She can’t die because we have seen wanda true powers in the Wanda Vision series and also in Doctor Strange 2.

Now Wanda got the ability to change the reality. So if she is really on her last breath she can simply change the reality and take control of the situation. Or otherwise, she can simply transfer her consciousness to another dimension, Wanda in Earth 838. So she can’t die until any other powerful villain like Celestials or Dormammu comes to fight with her.

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