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10 Jutsu that are nearly impossible to learn in Naruto

The most attractive thing about Naruto Anime and also that makes Naruto Anime stand unique from other Anime is the Jutsu used in Naruto. And how hard the shinobi in Naruto had struggled to learn that jutsu. But there are some. Which are the Hardest Jutsu to learn in Naruto.

Or nearly impossible to learn. Because most of the shinobi don’t have the abilities to perform powerful jutsu in Naruto. So we made a list of 10 Hardest Jutsu in Naruto. That are nearly impossible to learn. So without any delay let’s dive into it.

10. Rasengan:-

The first hardest jutsu to learn on our list is Rasengan. It was created by Minato he took inspiration from the tailed beast bomb and created Rasengan. It took 3 years for Minato to create it. And Jiraiya one of the legendary Sanins took so many years to master Rasengan. So it is a very tough Jutsu to learn.

Rasengan is one of the most powerful jutsu in Naruto. That doesn’t need any hand signs. And Rasengan requires extreme control over user chakra. Rasengan is more powerful than Chidori because Rasengan can be combined with any chakra nature and make it more powerful. Only a very few shinobi can perform this jutsu. Making it one of the hardest jutsu to learn in naruto.

9. Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu:-

Next, we had the favorite Jutsu of Naruto the Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu. We are not talking about normal shadow clone Jutsu. Where only one or few shadow clones are made. The multiple shadow clone Jutsu is mostly used by Naruto. This Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu needs a large chakra reserve and control over all the shadow clones the caster created. Which is very hard and even impossible to learn for most of the shinobi.

Because, unlike our Naruto, other shinobi lack a large chakra reservoir and control over the shadow clones. And learning this Jutsu comes with great risk. Because if Jutsu is not done properly it may empty all the chakra of the caster. And leads to the death of the caster. So for this reason Hiruzen Sarutobi ( 3rd Hokage ) classified it as a forbidden jutsu in the Anime.

8. RasenShuriken:-

The RasenShuriken is one of the strongest and also most powerful Jutsu in Naruto Arsenal. This Jutsu can only be performed by Naruto. No other shinobi can’t even come close to performing this Jutsu. This Jutsu is created by Naruto. The RasenShuriken is just a perfect version of Rasengan.

This jutsu needs a high-level mastery of chakra nature and full control over Caster chakra, Full control over the shadow clones. And also the user should be able to change the chakra nature and they also need a huge chakra reservoir and most of all they need the Sage Jutsu. Only Naruto is specialized in all these fields. So other shinobi can’t even imagine performing this Jutsu.

7. Six Red Yang Formation:-

This Jutsu is the strongest barrier Jutsu in Naruto. This Jutsu needs 4 shinobi and the 4 shinobi should have Kage level chakra and also finest control over their chakra. The Six Red Yang Formation is so powerful that it can even stop a tailed beast bomb. The Six Red Yang Formation is used two times in the Naruto Anime. The first appearance of this Jutsu was when Orochimaru infiltrated the hidden leaf village and killed the Third Hokage.

Next, it was used by all 4 Hokages of the hidden leaf village to stop Obito in 10 tails form. The durability of this barrier is just incredible. It is impossible to break through this barrier. This barrier was capable of stopping multiple-tailed beast bombs from the ten tails. So it is a very powerful Jutsu And having 4 Hokage-level shinobi is nearly impossible except for Orochimaru. Making it one of the Hardest Jutsu to learn in Naruto.

6. Mitotic Regeneration:-

This Jutsu is created by Tsunade and this Jutsu allows the user to heal themselves without weaving any hand signs. And while using this Jutsu the caster can’t die. No matter how bad they hurt or even at their last breath they recover. The caster will be immortal while using this Jutsu. We have seen this Jutsu’s full potential in the fight between the five kages and Madara.

This Jutsu can be only performed by Tsunade and his Pupil Sakura. This Jutsu needs the finest control over caster chakra and they need to store chakra for years to perform this Jutsu. Because the Mitotic Regeneration Jutsu requires a huge reservoir of chakra. And because of this, it is very hard to learn. Making it one of the Hardest Jutsu to learn in Naruto.

5. Sage Mode:-

The sage Jutsu is one of the most powerful Jutsu in the Anime. Naruto defeated pain with only Sage Jutsu. And we know how powerful it is. But mastering this Jutsu is as hard as powerful it is. Because Sage Jutsu means being able to sense the Nature energy and master it to observe the Nature energy. And to even learn the sage Jutsu shinobi should visit any Sage places like Mount Myuboki and convince the Summoning Animals to teach them to master sage jutsu.

So it is very tough Jutsu to learn. And even learning it comes with great risks. If the jutsu is not learned properly they can turn into statues. Because of the excess observing Nature energy. We have seen this in Anime when Fukasaku explains it to Naruto. While Naruto masters Nature energy. Only Naruto, Jiraya, and Hashirama mastered sage Jutsu from the Leaf village. Even though we don’t how Hashirama learned the Sage Jutsu. This Jutsu needs a great amount of concentration. So it is obvious to be on our list of Hardest Jutsu to learn in Naruto.

4. Reaper Death Seal:-

This Jutsu is the most powerful sealing Jutsu in the whole Naruto anime. It was said in the anime that all the Uzumaki clan members. Who are experts in sealing techniques can perform this Jutsu. But we only got to see Minato ( 4th Hokage ) and Hiruzen ( 3rd Hokage ) performing this Jutsu. This Jutsu needs a mastery of sealing techniques and they also need bravery to lose their lives.

Because using this jutsu comes with a great sacrifice. Which is to sacrifice the life of the caster. Because This jutsu seals the soul of any person touched by the caster and results in the death of the opponent. No matter how strong or powerful they are. Even the God of Shinobi ( Hashirama ) and the Second Hokage ( Tobirama ) can’t stop this Jutsu. And as powerful as it is the price for this Jutsu is also great that is the death of the caster.

3. Reanimation:-

Reanimation Jutsu is the most favorite Jutsu for Orochimaru. He did a lot of research and perfected it. And this Jutsu is also one of the Dangerous Forbidden Jutsu. This Jutsu was created by Tobirama ( second image ) but seeing the dangerous result of this Jutsu he didn’t perfect it. And classified it as a forbidden Jutsu. But Orochimaru and kabuto perfected it.

But even Genius like Orochimaru took so many years to practice and learn this Jutsu. Then it is nearly impossible for any shinobi to perform it Making it the hardest Jutsu to learn. And only Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Tobirama can perform this Jutsu. And also most shinobi don’t want to learn this Jutsu. Because This jutsu forces back the dead people to life by sacrificing a living human body. Which most of the shinobi won’t like to do.

2. Flying Thunder God Technique:-

This Jutsu is the most famous Jutsu in the whole shinobi world. Because it was used by the fastest shinobi in the hidden leaf village Minato ( Yellow Flash of the Leaf ). This Jutsu is created by Tobirama. But this jutsu is used more efficiently by Minato and even Tobirama agreed that in the fourth great ninja war. And this Jutsu can be only performed by Tobirama and Minato.

Because it needs extreme control over chakra and also needs a reservoir of chakra. Excluding Minato and Tobirama. Three shinobi from the leaf village can perform this Jutsu. These three are the students of Minato. But they three need to combine to perform this Jutsu. Because they can’t perform this Jutsu individual like Minato and they can’t teleport themselves. They can only teleport a person or object. They used this in the fourth great ninja war to teleport 5th Mizukage.

1. Eight Inner Gates:-

So at the top 1, we had the most powerful Taijutsu in Naruto Anime. And it is extremely difficult to, learn only people who mastered all Taijutsu skills can perform this Jutsu. This Jutsu can be performed by only three shinobi in Naruto Anime Might Dai, Might Guy, and Rock Lee. But rock lee couldn’t open all 8 inner gates. And it was said that Might Dai ( father of Might Guy ) opened all inner gates.

But We have never shown him opening all the inner gates. So only Guy can perform this Jutsu. This Jutsu keeps an immense amount of stress and pain on all the body parts of the Jutsu Caster. And this Jutsu can even bend time and space. And as always using great power gets great risk. After all the inner gates are opened the Caster eventually dies. But thanks to Naruto in the Fourth Great Ninja War. We can able to see Guy again.

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